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Quality management of protective equipment for special labor

Quality management of protective equipment for special labor

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       1. Any enterprise that produces special labor protection articles without obtaining a production license and sells special labor protection articles without production licenses. After verification, its products are sealed up and punished according to regulations.

       2. The unlicensed products that have been sealed up are entrusted by the production and distribution unit to be inspected by the Jiangsu Provincial Technical Supervision Labor Protection Products Quality Inspection Station, and the products that meet the national or industrial standards of labor protection products are issued with certificates, and the treated products are marked. Sales; products that do not meet the standards are destroyed.

       3. For enterprises that have no special labor protection product production license, after the punishment, the list will be reported to the provincial labor department, and the license will be urged to apply for the permit, and the work will be completed and reported to the Ministry of Labor.

       4. Labor administrative departments at all levels shall include labor protection articles in the important content of daily supervision and inspection of labor safety and health, and supervise and guide enterprises to purchase, distribute and use labor protection articles according to regulations. During the “Safe Production Month” and the National “Safe Production Week” activities in May, it is necessary to conduct an inspection of the units involved in labor protection products (including construction sites), and to identify the units that use counterfeit and special labor protection articles. The situation shall be dealt with seriously according to the relevant provisions of the Ministry of Labor's "Violation of the Administrative Penalties of the Labor Law of the People's Republic of China".

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