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Classification of labor insurance products

Classification of labor insurance products

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Labor protection products are divided into nine categories according to the protection parts:

       (1) Safety helmet class. It is a protective gear for protecting the head, preventing impact and crushing injuries. There are mainly hard hats for plastics, rubber, glass, adhesive tape, cold protection and bamboo and rattan.

       (2) Respiratory protective gear. It is an important product to prevent pneumoconiosis and occupational diseases. According to the purpose, it is divided into three categories: dustproof, anti-virus and support. According to its principle of action, it can be divided into two types: filter type and isolation type.

       (3) Eye protection. It is used to protect the eyes and face of workers and prevent external injuries. It is divided into eye protection for welding, eye protection for kiln, anti-shock eye protection, microwave protection, laser goggles and anti-X-ray, anti-chemical, dustproof and other eye protection.

       (4) Hearing aids. Hearing aids should be used for long-term operation above 90dB(A) or short-term in environments above 115dB(A).昕力护 has three types of earplugs, earmuffs and helmets.

       (5) Protective shoes. Used to protect the feet from injury. At present, the main products are anti-mite, insulation, anti-static, acid and alkali resistant, oil resistant, non-slip shoes.

       (6) Protective gloves. For hand protection, mainly acid and alkali resistant gloves, electrical insulation sets, welding gloves, X-ray gloves, asbestos gloves, etc.

       (7) Protective clothing. It is used to protect employees from physical and chemical factors in the labor environment. Protective clothing is divided into two types: special protective clothing and general working clothes.

       (8) Fall protection. Used to prevent a fall accident. There are mainly seat belts, safety ropes and safety nets.

       (9) Skin care products. It is used for the protection of exposed skin. Divided into skin cream and detergent.

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