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Special labor protection products safety mark

Special labor protection products safety mark

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The special labor protection product safety sign is composed of the graphic and special labor protection product safety sign number.

Use the shape of the ancient shield to take the meaning of "protection."

The letter "LA" is used in the middle of the shield to indicate "labor safety."

"××-××-××××××” is the number of the logo. The numbers are arranged in a combination of 3 layers of numbers and letters. The two-digit number on the first level indicates the year in which the license is used; the two-digit number on the second level represents the provincial administrative area code (imported product) of the manufacturer that is authorized to use the license, and the second-level code is in two English. The abbreviation indicates the country code of the origin of the imported product); the first three digits of the third layer code represent the product name code, and the last three digits represent the order in which the identification authorization is obtained.

According to the provisions of "Safe Color" (GB 2893-2001), the logo frame, shield and "safety protection" are green, "LA" and background are white, and the identification number is black.

The marking specifications are divided into four types: 18*12, 27*18, 39*26, 69*46 (unit mm).

Logo specifications and scope of application:

1. Welding goggles, welding masks, anti-shock eye protection:

18mm (including number) x 12mm

2. Safety helmets, dust masks, filter gas masks, filter gas masks (boxes), self-contained air breathing apparatus, long tube masks:

27mm (including number) x 18mm

3. Flame retardant protective clothing, acid-proof overalls, anti-static overalls, anti-static, conductive shoes, protective toe safety shoes, rubber anti-smash safety shoes, acid and alkali resistant shoes, acid and alkali resistant rubber boots, acid and alkali resistant plastic film boots, Anti-puncture shoes, electric insulation shoes:

39mm (including number) x 26mm

4. Seat belt, safety net, dense mesh safety net: 69mm (including number) x 46mm

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