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Correct wearing and safety maintenance of helmets

Correct wearing and safety maintenance of helmets

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       Wear the helmet correctly

       (1) Check whether the helmet is damaged during the effective use period (if it is damaged, its performance of decomposing and weakening the external impact force is weakened or lost, can not be reused), and there is no qualified cap liner. (The function of the cap lining is to absorb and relieve the impact force. If there is no cap lining, the function of protecting the head is lost), and the cap is intact.

       (2) The helmet must have instructions and indicate the applicable location for the operator to use reasonably. For example, an anti-static helmet cannot be used as an electrical helmet to avoid electric shock.

       (3) Adjust the distance between the top of the cap liner and the top of the cap to adjust the cap. The cap upper parts and adjustment caps cannot be removed privately.

       The lining size is to maintain the vertical spacing and horizontal spacing in accordance with the relevant values to prevent personal injury caused by the topping after impact.

       (4) The helmet must be worn. If Dai Dai is hit, it will not be able to reduce the impact on the head.

       (5) The belt must be fastened. If the lower ankle strap is not fastened, the helmet will fall off easily in the event of a component fall and blow, resulting in serious consequences.

       (6) The helmet that has been subjected to a large impact during use cannot be used.

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