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The main raw material for safety shoes

The main raw material for safety shoes

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       The raw materials for safety shoes mainly include the upper, the inner and the sole.

       The upper is made of leather material, and the leather material is divided into artificial leather and natural leather. The natural skin is buffalo, pigskin, sheepskin and yellow cowhide, etc., the price is relatively expensive, so the shoes made of natural leather are more expensive, usually used to produce high-grade leather shoes, but the clothes are very comfortable and breathable, and the upper is very resistant to folding. . The labor insurance shoes produced by our company are all made of the first layer of leather, without degumming, continuous bottom, breathable and comfortable.

       The inner material is mainly divided into the inner lining of the leather and the inner lining of BK. The inner lining of the leather is more breathable, sweat-absorbent and wear-resistant than the inner lining of BK.

       Common materials for soles include polyurethane, plastic bottom, EVA+rubber combination sole and natural rubber sole. It is necessary to select suitable materials according to their functions, especially for soles with special functions, such as: insulated shoes, anti-static safety shoes. According to its function, select materials that meet the relevant national standards. In order to improve the wear resistance of the sole, it is sometimes possible to combine these materials with each other. For example, combining polyurethane and rubber can effectively improve the wear resistance of the sole.

       The production process of different brands and different manufacturers is almost the same, but the workmanship is fine, the raw materials are different, and the functions are the important factors that determine the price of shoes. This is why the safety shoes of similar styles on the market have different prices.

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