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Classification and role of safety protection products

Classification and role of safety protection products

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       Safety protective equipment, also known as personal protective equipment, refers to various protective equipment worn and equipped by laborers to protect the human body from external factors such as physical, chemical, biological and other factors.

       Classification of safety protection products: According to the protection parts, they are roughly divided into nine categories:

       (1) Safety helmet class. It is used to protect the head from impact, crushing and other injuries. Such as helmets, general protective caps, dust caps, waterproof caps, cold caps, anti-static caps, high temperature caps, insect-proof caps, etc.

       (2) Respiratory protective gear. An important protective gear to prevent pneumoconiosis and occupational diseases. Such as gas masks, filter gas masks, canisters (boxes), dust masks, double dust masks, filter-type anti-particle masks, long tube masks, etc.

       (3) Eye protection. It is used to protect the eyes and face of workers and prevent external injuries. Such as welding masks, welding lenses and goggles, general glasses, anti-shock eye protection, organic protective glasses.

       (4) Hearing protection. Used to protect hearing. Such as earplugs, earmuffs, ear caps, etc.

       (5) Protective footwear. It is a protective gear to protect the feet from injury. Such as insulated shoes, acid and alkali resistant boots, oil resistant shoes, rain boots, etc.

       (6) Protective gloves. Used for hand protection. Such as acid and alkali resistant gloves, electrical insulation sets, welding gloves, cloth gloves, yarn gloves, etc.

       (7) Protective clothing. Protective gear to protect workers from physical and chemical factors in the labor environment. Such as insulation suits, acid and alkali protective clothing, oil resistant protective clothing, anti-static overalls, chemical protective clothing, fireproof clothing, raincoats, overalls, etc.

       (8) Fall prevention class. Protective gear to prevent falling. Such as seat belts, safety ropes and safety nets.

       (9) Skin care products. It is a protective product that uses exposed skin. Such as skin cream and detergent.

       The role of safety protection products: the use of a certain shield or lacing, floating body, isolation, closure, absorption, dispersion, suspension and other means to protect the human body from external hazards. It can protect against physical damage caused by external factors such as physics, chemistry and biology.

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