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How should labor protection products be chosen?

How should labor protection products be chosen?

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       According to the hazards and harmful factors in the process of identifying each post, the labor protection products should be removed according to the damage caused to the human body and the damage degree. The corresponding labor protection articles can not be eliminated.


       Workers exposed to noise, when exposed to 80dB ≤ LEX, 8h <85dB workplace, equipped with appropriate hearing aids according to labor requirements (generally more than 80dB recommended hearing aids).

       When exposed to LEX, 8h = 85 ~ 95dB workplace, use earplugs or earmuffs with a hearing aid SNR of 17 ~ 34dB.

       Laborers exposed to the workplace LEX, 8h ≥ 95dB should use earplugs, earmuffs or earplugs and earmuffs with SNR ≥ 34dB.

       For details, please refer to the "Guide to the Selection of GB/T 23466 Hearing Aids".

ionizing radiation

       If there is any ionizing radiation hazard in the workplace, refer to GB/T 29510 Basic Requirements for Personal Protective Equipment.

Object fall, mechanical damage, etc.

       Refer to "GB/T 11651 Personal Protective Equipment Selection Specification", "GB/T 30041 Head Protective Helmet Selection Specification" and "GB/T 23468 Falling Protective Equipment Safety Use Specification".

[Special protection]

       Where there are different kinds of dangerous and harmful factors in the same workplace, laborers shall be provided with labor protection articles to prevent various hazards.

       Labor protection products that need to be equipped at the same time, priority is given to their compatibility.

       Workers work in different locations and are exposed to different or different levels of hazards and harmful factors. The selected labor protection articles should meet the protection needs of different workplaces.

       Provide emergency labor protection equipment in toxic and harmful workplaces where acute occupational injuries may occur.

       Workers in liquid work such as inspections are equipped with personal emergency protective equipment that they carry with them.

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